Monday, 19 December 2016

About me (I)

  My name is Seah Wei Ning. usually my friends or acquaintances address me as wei ning or square face . Well i have a square face so i do not really mind people calling me square face. As for my hobbies i don't really have a hobby but i enjoy doing sports as part of leisure and reading up the history of computers and other devices used in  modern times. My personality if you ask any of my  friends they would say caring and carefree. I tend to look out for my classmates and friends  because i cannot stand seeing other get harmed or are going to harm themselves.Usually them of the danger they were going to face or the danger they had put themselves into .I tend to find one best friend and just hang out with he or she. but being a student in the class i need to socialise so i would make friend with the whole class or at least try to.Therefore in the future i can ask any body for help and others would be able to ask me for the help they need.

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